The Pandemic had a dramatic impact on the island’s economy as many people have lost their jobs during the lockdown and they still haven’t recovered it. The effects of mass unemployment and the large number of people in ERTE has translated into many families not having enough to buy food and/or pay the rent. Most of the people who live on the island depend on tourism for their livelihood and many find themselves without income, savings or food.

“Ibiza Food Bank”´s mission is to create an army of volunteers throughout the island. These volunteers will collect food, coordinate donations, volunteer at local farms, at men’s pickup points, or work at the food bank itself.

Since last year and since the beginning of the pandemic, like never before, Ibiza Balance felt the urge to help and support people in need in Ibiza.

We have been supporting them since the start of the pandemic and with every booked treatment we donate 1€ to the community.

The island is made of all the people that, with their time, love and effort make the island what it is and it’s been all these years, and now, more than ever, we want to be near them.

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