Can Musson is the perfect day time adventure


Traveling to Ibiza with children will provide you with everything you need to spend an incredible family holiday. Ibiza offers much more than beautiful beaches and good weather, it offers endless activities. You can discover, explore and enjoy different activities with your children and at the end of the day have the feeling of having lived a great adventure, having felt that you are an accomplice of the island.

Can Muson is the perfect day time adventure. The children will immerse themselves in a world full of plants, vegetables and animals, in an endless number of sensations and experiences, due to the variety of smells, flavors, surfaces and colours that will travel through their bodies and minds.

You can visit the farm to have the opportunity to get to know their organic plantations, discover and be able to feed the native breed animals and spend a fun time playing and resting.

Can Muson is for the whole family, it’s the idyllic place to spend the day together, helping parents to reconnect with their children and have fun together, get in contact with nature, finding the essence of traditional and rural life and try healthy foods cooked with the products they grow at the farm.












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