Ibiza Yoga Retreats

Ibiza with it’s beauty of nature and energy creates a calm oasis and will help you to slow down and relax even more deeply.

Our retreats are suitable for beginners and experienced Yogi’s alike with designed programms adapting to your skill level and goals.

Our highly skilled Ibiza Balance health experts can provide you with a full range of bodywork, massage and beauty treatments during your stay.  Weather group retreat or tailormade private retreat, we can develop a plan just for you, so all you need to do is let go and enjoy our spa services as part of your very own wellness retreat.

AntiGravity aerial Yôga & fitness

The AntiGravity aerial Yôga & fitness, is an innovative practice suitable for everyone, inspired by Yôga, Pilates, GyroTonic and Calisthenics.

Through the free movement in every single direction, supported by the AntiGravity hammock and combined with the zero compression inversion, it has profound and immediate physical and mental benefits, including the decompression of the spine and the regeneration of the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive system, the release of happiness hormones and anti-age effect.

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