Deep Connection Massage

Trained in various massages around the world (Ayurvedic, Thai, Hawaiian…) our therapists unique and personal style envelops the mind in a deep connection with oneself.

The different techniques are interesting but useless if not accompanied by one of the characteristics that each massage must include: PRESENCE and ATTENTION with which another body is touched. And it is through this quality of contact that we bring awareness into the body. It is like a movement meditation.

By reaching deeper level of consciousness is what allow us to enter in connection with our true ESSENCE.

It is an invitation to be aware of the breath, and to feel it and to use it as a vehicle to connect the mind with the heart and with the stillness within.

The invitation is to move the energy of the person through the touch of the physical body, creating an energy field where the body is invited to relax in such a way that there is a transformation at many levels.

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