Hang Drum Live Music Performance

Life Performance: Hang Drum
The hang-drum (handpan) is a very unique and rare instrument created by two artisans from Switzerland in 2000. Made of two metal pieces, Ding and Gu, allows the sound to be amplified created inside the Hang.
It’s sound is soft, cosmic and special, helping you to relax which will allow you to connect with your inner self.
The benefits of this magical and unique sound, along with the vibrations and melody, will take you to a state of internal peace perfect to start or end the day.
An evening of intimate music, with the sounds of the Handpan, the shamanic flute and vocals serenading your time.
A perfect way to relax, enjoying this musical con- cert at home under the stars or indoors, during or just after a private bespoke dinner, tailored to your wishes by one of Ibiza Balance excellent chefs.
Definitely a night to remember.


  • Private Yoga and Meditation Class
  • Shiatsu Massage

Bliss For Two

  • Ibiza Balance very special Signature Massage
  • Parallel from two therapists


  • Private Yoga Class
  • Detoxification Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Foot Reflexology

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