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Taya: The woman with the key

The essence of magic can be felt when working with Taya. Why? Because there is an element of the unexplainable about her results. Clients are often taken aback by such rapid transformation and many comment that, after years of searching, they have finally found the woman with the key.

Taya’s unique approach combines many years of spiritual practice with coaching, mindfulness, healing and energy work. Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, she opens inner space to release deep trauma and tension from body and soul.

Combining this expertise with her compassion, she empowers clients to transform at every level. From a loving space, change unfolds naturally. Possibilities open up, along with a new belief in your own infinite potential and capacity for healing. You will feel physically and emotionally lighter, re-born into joy and inspired by what comes with true release.



Our deepest motivation comes from our deepest pain. Losing my parents many years ago to disease, co-dependency and depression broke my heart. I know today that they could have been saved if they had been aware of their innate power to heal themselves. This experience drives my desire to support people to grow, heal and create miracles they never thought they were capable of.

Healing Ibiza: Somatic Healing



My purpose is to enable people to fully embody themselves and feel more human. To remember who we are, and to feel truly connected with each other and with the world around us.

I believe all pain and destruction stems from disconnection to our hearts and bodies. When we are in high somatic states, separation fades and we feel oneness. We feel the suffering of all humanity and the planet – as well as our power to create change. We reconnect to love, recover our natural instincts and open up to extraordinary possibilities.



My mission is to teach you – using the most relevant tools for your unique self-empowerment – that there is a Diamond place inside of you. From this place, you can shine all your colors and transform your life from the inside out. Embody your essence every day, every moment, breath by breath. Grow beyond your individual fulfillment and give to the world – making it a better place according to your own calling, values and beliefs.



I have had my share of pain, loss, grief and heartbreak. I have been through times of co-dependency, anxiety, depression and burnout. Along the way, I have had to let go of a few small addictions, and some not so minor ones.

And quite frankly, challenges never stop. Life simply keeps happening.

However, there was a point when everything changed for me. It was the moment when I learned from amazing teachers about the choices I have. The choice between collapsing with pain, or learning how to grow beyond it into a more evolved, authentic self.

The choice between closing my heart or discovering how to empower myself from within. The choice between freezing with fear or transforming it into energy to move forward.

The moment I realized that this power is in me.

I learned that the energy for breakthrough is inside my own body. And I found the right somatic tools to create my own life everyday and to teach others.



From early age I have always felt the desire for more personal freedom and greater wholeness.

I was able to sense and see things that most people can’t, which made me feel disconnected and confused. This led me on a journey of discovery, seeking to understand myself and the world around me. I posed a lot of philosophical questions, studied cultural theory and graduated with a master’s degree in American Studies, Sociology and Ethnology. Developing a passion for photography and visual media, I worked as a freelance photo editor for magazines such as Geo Saison. I travelled all over the world, exploring various cultures with my camera. Trying to find a way to make people see what I saw.

But one day, I realized I really wanted to touch people – in a way that allows them to understand who they really are – directly and without a camera.

My life took a turn. I woke up. I realized my ability to see in the way I do is a gift. And I began to search more deeply, acquiring different methods of bodywork and meditation. At exactly the right moment, I discovered a profound somatic coaching method and I knew I wanted to learn this transformative technique. For me, this work is the art of touching people’s lives at every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to create real and lasting change. I have evolved and over the years my work developed naturally into my unique approach.



When my Lama I followed at the time gave me my Buddhist name many years ago, I saw myself fully. It translates as “Radiant Liberator” and it describes what I have done naturally all my life. In my presence people tap into their desire to be free to express who they really are. Spreading this energy makes me shine bright. It is the pure essence of who I am.






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