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Yoga retreats in spring

Yoga Therapy: Meet our talent Esther

Taya: The woman with the key

The essence of magic can be felt when working with Taya. Why? Because there is an element of the unexplainable about her results. Clients are often taken aback by such rapid transformation and many comment that, after years of searching, they have finally found the woman with the key.

Taya’s unique approach combines many years of spiritual practice with coaching, mindfulness, healing and energy work. Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, she opens inner space to release deep trauma and tension from body and soul.

Combining this expertise with her compassion, she empowers clients to transform at every level. From a loving space, change unfolds naturally. Possibilities open up, along with a new belief in your own infinite potential and capacity for healing. You will feel physically and emotionally lighter, re-born into joy and inspired by what comes with true release.



Our deepest motivation comes from our deepest pain. Losing my parents many years ago to disease, co-dependency and depression broke my heart. I know today that they could have been saved if they had been aware of their innate power to heal themselves. This experience drives my desire to support people to grow, heal and create miracles they never thought they were capable of.

Healing Ibiza: Somatic Healing



My purpose is to enable people to fully embody themselves and feel more human. To remember who we are, and to feel truly connected with each other and with the world around us.

I believe all pain and destruction stems from disconnection to our hearts and bodies. When we are in high somatic states, separation fades and we feel oneness. We feel the suffering of all humanity and the planet – as well as our power to create change. We reconnect to love, recover our natural instincts and open up to extraordinary possibilities.



My mission is to teach you – using the most relevant tools for your unique self-empowerment – that there is a Diamond place inside of you. From this place, you can shine all your colors and transform your life from the inside out. Embody your essence every day, every moment, breath by breath. Grow beyond your individual fulfillment and give to the world – making it a better place according to your own calling, values and beliefs.



I have had my share of pain, loss, grief and heartbreak. I have been through times of co-dependency, anxiety, depression and burnout. Along the way, I have had to let go of a few small addictions, and some not so minor ones.

And quite frankly, challenges never stop. Life simply keeps happening.

However, there was a point when everything changed for me. It was the moment when I learned from amazing teachers about the choices I have. The choice between collapsing with pain, or learning how to grow beyond it into a more evolved, authentic self.

The choice between closing my heart or discovering how to empower myself from within. The choice between freezing with fear or transforming it into energy to move forward.

The moment I realized that this power is in me.

I learned that the energy for breakthrough is inside my own body. And I found the right somatic tools to create my own life everyday and to teach others.



From early age I have always felt the desire for more personal freedom and greater wholeness.

I was able to sense and see things that most people can’t, which made me feel disconnected and confused. This led me on a journey of discovery, seeking to understand myself and the world around me. I posed a lot of philosophical questions, studied cultural theory and graduated with a master’s degree in American Studies, Sociology and Ethnology. Developing a passion for photography and visual media, I worked as a freelance photo editor for magazines such as Geo Saison. I travelled all over the world, exploring various cultures with my camera. Trying to find a way to make people see what I saw.

But one day, I realized I really wanted to touch people – in a way that allows them to understand who they really are – directly and without a camera.

My life took a turn. I woke up. I realized my ability to see in the way I do is a gift. And I began to search more deeply, acquiring different methods of bodywork and meditation. At exactly the right moment, I discovered a profound somatic coaching method and I knew I wanted to learn this transformative technique. For me, this work is the art of touching people’s lives at every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to create real and lasting change. I have evolved and over the years my work developed naturally into my unique approach.



When my Lama I followed at the time gave me my Buddhist name many years ago, I saw myself fully. It translates as “Radiant Liberator” and it describes what I have done naturally all my life. In my presence people tap into their desire to be free to express who they really are. Spreading this energy makes me shine bright. It is the pure essence of who I am.






Eat Sweat Play

Time for private yoga retreats

Ibiza Balance offers a program of daily personal Yoga lessons suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, with sessions tailored to your skill level and personal goals. Customised instruction can be adapted to fullfil a variety of aims, addressing physical limitations, developing a regular home routine or achieving a deeper and more intensifying practice.



Yoga Ibiza: Private Retreats

Ingrid has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years. She initially studied it in Argentina and later continued her studies in Ibiza. “My primary objective”, says Ingrid, “besides turning more and more people on to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow, is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind, and spirit. The new trend towards yoga is not surprising, given that the body is limited and the mind is limitless. The combination of body and mind creates an incredibly broad range of fulfillment, including top physical condition and a calm, peaceful, clear mind.”
Her teaching flows between the dynamic yang practices of Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga or Ananda Yoga. She loves to emphasize her classes on synchronized movements & the breath in order to deepen the experience of the practice.




Yoga Ibiza: Private Retreats

She is a professional Yoga teacher since 2012. What she loves the most about her job is to be able to share with people a state of well-being, healing and happiness. Her personal journey started with the ‘Gestalt Therapy’ that lead her directly to India to study Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. This is the reason why didn´t stop for the last 6 years developing those skills. Through Yoga practice she leads the discovery of inner
balance, surrounding peace, connection with your own essence and the physical body. As a Massage Therapist she focusses on nourishing, health-giving and rejuvenating elements of the treatment as well the awareness of the moment and the attention to our entire being. Her underlying passion and curiosity of personal development has been guiding her to wonderful discoveries of balance between mind, body and spirit. That becomes her life’s mission to share this with the world.



Yoga Ibiza: Private Retreats

Claudia is certified a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and when she teaches she finds her passion.Kundalini Yoga gives her the tools to be tolerant and flexible to the constant change of life. This is why she loves to elevate others watering the seed of awareness. Kundalini Yoga it´s a gradual process where we increase our consciousness breaking fears and limits with love and being kind to ourselves. A Kundalini Yoga class
includes a set of asanas (postures), meditations, mantras and pranayamas (breath techniques). Claudia’s teachings are full of love, light and she guides the students very carefully holding the space for a deep
experience. Yoga will always be her foundation and her path of life.




Yoga Ibiza: Private Retreats

Claudia is a renowned expert in the field of natural health with a wealth of experience in yoga, pranayama,
Ayurveda, mindfulness, nutrition, detox, weight loss, stress management and natural healing therapies.
Her desire to focus more deeply on yoga and meditation practices led her to India where she studied
with great teachers such as Sri K Patthabi Jois of Mysore, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga and Sri O.P.
During her years of living in India, she experienced first hand, the ancient, traditional healing system of
Ayurveda. She completed her Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, in a world renowned yoga teacher training and retreat center, where she spent three years implementing the spa, numerous successful detox, weight loss, health & wellness programs and leading yoga & wellness retreats.



Yoga Ibiza: Private Retreats

His 15 years working and researching on “The Human Behaviour on the Social Field” led him to seek answers of the personal concerns, He is studying, teaching and practicing more than 10 years yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and how to integrate these tools in daily life in order to optimize the integral health. He studied the main yoga styles and meditation techniques in India, but his interests are far more profound as he is constantly challenging himself to fit the methods of each and every class to client’s anatomy and emotional needs. Since 2012 Tomas is offering high quality yoga sessions, meditation and breathing techniques for the Ibiza Balance. Tomas is Spanish nationality. He lives and works in Ibiza
all year long. It is here were he treats and trainings.



Private retreats: Create your own private yoga retreat

The season kicks off in Ibiza and Ibiza Balance is reloaded with it’s mobile spa services to deliver a complete experience in-house!

We look forward informing you about the latest news about wellbeing in Ibiza!


yoga retreat ibiza


Create your own private retreat: Me-Time for you!

Enjoy your very own wellness retreat with our spa services by our highly skilled Ibiza Balance health experts, providing you with a full range of bodywork, massage and beauty treatments during your very own private retreat.
We develop a personalised plan from personal training and yoga exercises to medical services and detox programs, so all you need to do is let go!
Our aim? Your complete relaxation and the feeling of pure bliss!

yoga retreat ibiza


Yoga Retreats: Lifestyle Yoga

Harmonise Mindful Yoga & Lifestyle Detox

Harmonise your lifestyle, spring clean your life reflecting the gentle yet profound transformations that you can expect to receive.

Yoga Retreat

Available spaces:
-27th May or 24th June
for 5 nights with space in a shared room for €1445
-Private single occupancy suite for €2095.


Yoga Retreats in Ibiza
Get Glowing Vinyasa Yoga & Energy Boosting

This retreat starts on the inside – your heart. Feel the glow radiate from within to reveal a new you – inspired, energetic and shining, get your glow on!

Yoga Retreat


Available spaces:

2nd July for 6 nights

Spaces in shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms for €1850.
Single occupancy rooms for €1995 (sharing a bathroom with one other guest.
Single occupancy suite with private en-suite bathroom for €2295.


Yoga Retreats in Ibiza


All retreats include full-board accommodation with delicious vegetarian / cow-dairy free, locally sourced food. Pre-yoga bites, a hearty, healthy brunch, afternoon snack, nuts, seeds, fruit, teas, and a delicious supper.
All guests receive a One-to-One Wellness Consultation and a luxurious holistic massage to ease them gently into the retreat experience. Also included in every retreat is morning yoga, daily workshops and nutrition talks, evening yoga or other therapies, a beach yoga session, an evening hike in nature, dinner out on the last night at a beautiful local restaurant (drinks are extra) and a ‘Back-to-Life’ wellness consultation – and lots more other lovely additions along the way!

Ibiza Balance I Detox

What better time than now to treat yourself to our unique detox programs! As the summer starts to wind down, many peoples’ thoughts start to turn to health and wellness, primarly, the idea of detoxing and purification. In today’s society, a detox doesn’t have to be a difficult process, or an experience that makes you suffer – an outdated concept that needs to be forgotten. Here in Ibiza, customised detox programs have been created by experts such as from Ibiza Balance, to ensure your entire detox experience is as wonderful as a summer holiday break.



It’s been long overdue. Treat yourself to a 24-hour detox break.

  • 1x Detoxification Massage
  • 1x Antioxidant Scrub & Mask
  • Six juices, delivered fresh to your home for one day


What better time than now to treat yourself to our unique three-day pure juicing program.

  • 1x Private Yoga Class
  • 1x Detoxification Massage
  • 1x Thai Massage
  • 1x Foot Reflexology
  • Six detox juices, delivered fresh to your home each day



A full week-long program of daily personal yoga lessons, treatments and raw food all at your own home.

  • 6x Private Yoga Lessons
  • 1x Detoxification Massage
  • 1x Lymphatic Drainage
  • 1x Shiatsu
  • 1x Hydroadvance Facial
  • 1x Vitalizing Body Scrub & Massage
  • 1x Vitamin Drip Infusion
  • Three customized raw food meals prepared and delivered fresh to your home daily (7 days)

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Detoxification Massage

The aim of this form of massage is to release toxins and increase blood and oxygen circulation. Detoxification massages effectively boost your system, restoring your body’s natural balance. It combines deep fascia work, stimulation of organs, and reflexology. It is used as a treatment for colon diseases, bloated abdomen, constipation or skeletal muscle immobility and pain resulting from unhealthy life habits.



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