Kobido Facial – Firms the skin and smoothes wrinkles

Kobido Facial Ibiza
Kobido Facial
The Kobido, known as the oldest treatment in Japan to help samurais relax their minds, calm their souls and enhance the strength, was later used by Japanese empresses. They would use this therapy to relieve the pain but also to rejuvenate their face and show it full of imperfections.
Japanese Kobido massage is an ancient technique that will non-invasively improve the oval of the face, firm the skin and smooth wrinkles. The treatment works on deep skin structures, muscles
and fascia.
It’s basically a facial muscles training. This is the most technologically advanced form of Japanese facial massage, which uses the most complex manual techniques.
If you are able to relax and free your mind, you will not just experience a brighter and firmer face, but you will also reach an incredible state of emotional and physical wellbeing.


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